May 27, 2017

CEPR urges Europe to take immediate action on Area C report

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Press Release

Gaza/Brussels/London – January 16, 2012



The CEPR is pleased that the facts in the European Union Heads of Mission (HoMs) report on “Area C and Palestinian State-Building” have come to light to demonstrate the illegal nature of the continual Israeli military occupation and ongoing colonization of Area C in the Palestinian West Bank.

The Area C report (July 2011) highlights important information to demonstrates Israel’s intention to colonize and appropriate large swathes of the West Bank.


Area C comprises 62% of the West Bank

  10% of the West Bank is an Israeli-designated ‘nature reserve

(48% of which overlaps with closed military training zones)

  Before 1967, there ~200,000-320,000 in the Jordan Valley;

Today, the number is 56,000.

In 1972, Jewish settlers in Area C were 1,200;

In 2010, the number is 310,000 (excluding East Jerusalem)

Other revealing informative includes the fact that due to the Israeli occupation and exploitation of Palestine’s natural resources, the Palestinians are the “population with the lowest access to fresh water resources.” Moreover: “A total of 45 cisterns and rainwater structures in Area C of the West Bank have been demolished by the Israeli Authorities since January 2010 (UN OCHA).” (p.5)


The CEPR urges the European Union and its national member states to take immediate action to stop the gradual encroachment of Jewish settlers on Palestinian lands and to end the Israeli military occupation of Palestinians, which remains as described in the Area C report as conflicting with the respected norms of international law to which other countries abide.


Brussels sees that Israel should no longer be treated as an exception and indeed as the Area C report indicates, the military occupation and Jewish colonization of East Jerusalem and the West Bank runs contrary to purported peace along the 1967 borders, which begs the question whether another solution besides the two-state solution would really be in Israel interest.




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